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GREEN star Sustainability rating system

saveBOARD can be used as a Green & Low Carbon alternative to commonly used materials on both residential and commercial construction projects. Our environmental certifications can found in our Technical Literature or Certifications page.


How do saveBOARD products contribute to Green star Credits?

The use of saveBOARD products will earn, or contribute towards earning, Green Star credits in the following Green Star categories: 

Credit 19          Life Cycle Impacts

saveBOARD are low carbon products.  The embodied carbon of saveBOARD products is 0.11CO2/kg material.


Stayed tuned!.  We are currently working through the EPD process.  Our draft numbers show a -7.0kgCO2e/m2 for A1-3 including biogenic carbon attached to the original fibre packaging.


Credit 21           Sustainable Products

Only one of following Credits may be claimed per product ie saveBOARD products currently meet 3 out the 4 requirements, but you can only claim against one requirement.


21B: Sustainable content

saveBOARD products are certified as being 99% recycled content.


21C: EPD (Enviromental Product Declaration)

The saveBOARD EPD is underway, expected to be completed about July 2024


21D: Third Party

Certified by Eco Choice Aotearoa, Level A certifier. 


21E: Stewardship Program

saveBOARD has a Product Steward Program.  Site off cuts and end of life product can be returned to saveBOARD to be manufactured into new boards.  A signed contract, which saveBOARD  can provide is required to claim this credit.

Credit 22          Construction and Demolition Waste

Credits for this clause are claimed for the total amount across the project.  Soft plastic waste generated on site can be collected and sent to saveBOARD to use in the manufacture of new board.  This can be included in the overall total.  Soft plastic is not included in the Greenstar Volume to Weight calculation table.  If you want to include soft plastic in your calculations use the BRANZ table found here



Credit 13         Indoor Pollutants

Although saveboard Exposed is a pre-finished wall lining surface that is VOC and formaldehyde free, certified by a Declare label, the credit in this section cannot be claimed.   This credit only applies to the materials specified in the credit (paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets and engineered wood).  saveBOARD does not fall within these approved surfaces.


Interior Wall & Ceiling Board
75% < CO2 than plasterboard.

Exposed Pre-Finished Interior
Wall & Ceiling Board
50% < CO2 than Plywood


Rigid Air Barrier
90% < CO2 than Fibre cement board

Floor underlayment.jpg

saveBOARD Flooring Alternative to Fibre Cement


The USA version of saveBOARD provided the membrane roof substrate (the board underneath the waterproof surface) for the Tesla Gigafactory One, in Sparks Nevada. The Gigafactory has a roof area of approximately 200,000 m2; which equates to up-cycling 2,000 tons of composite plastics in this single roof. This one roof saves 336,000 kgs of embodied CO2 compared to using a plywood substrate.

exposed board_white.jpg


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