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Case Studies

Summary: Designed as the first stage in a two-stage family home in Lake Hāwea, the Tiu Studio is more than just a garage and residential studio.  It is a challenge to the architectural convention of the area and a shining example of efficient use of space, high performance architecture and material experimentation.

Products used: Exposed internal lining


Summary: Woolworths Group is using saveBOARD’s low carbon building material products made from previously unrecyclable waste liquid paper board milk and juice cartons and soft plastics in their stores.

These are being used in heavy impact staff areas and offices (walls and ceiling tiles), as well as in consumer facing sections around trolley collection and self-serve checkouts.

Products used: Exposed & Paperfaced internal lining & Multi-use panels


Summary: 10-bed facility which will replace an existing facility in the grounds of Gisborne Hospital.  The new facility includes a whare, whānau spaces, flexible therapy rooms and a specially designed outdoor courtyard.

saveBOARD was chosen as it provides superior impact resistance and cost savings by replacing a 2-layer system (plywood + plasterboard).

Products used: Paperfaced internal lining

saito labels - factory fitout

Summary: Saito chose to partner with saveBOARD to create a circular solution, recycling their soft plastic waste into saveBOARD products that were used throughout the new build, which included factory, warehouse and office fitout. Basically, every horizontal or vertical lining used saveBOARD.

Products used: Exposed internal lining for walls & ceilings.

Summary: A collaboration between saveBOARD & Powerco where we took their office waste and turned it into custom Exposed panels that they used in their recent office fitout.

Products used: Custom Exposed internal lining

PASSIVE HOUSE - INternal linings


Summary: The Finch family wanted to keep a bach feel having replaced a 35 square metre seaside bach with a 150 square metre certified Passive House. saveBOARD was simply the best, and most environmentally friendly internal lining for our walls and ceilings to meet Passive House design principles.

Products used: Exposed internal lining for walls & ceilings.

LT McGuinness - construction hoardings


Summary: The Living Pā is an ambitious new building being constructed for Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington. For building contractor LT McGuinness, sustainability is a core driver at the heart of this project, and they are utilising the Living Building Challenge as a framework to achieve this.  Using saveBOARD Multi-use panels as hoardings was a natural fit for this project.

Products used: 12mm Multi-use Panels


Summary: Elevate Homes constructs high-end transportable houses using saveBOARD’s betterBRACE, rigid air barrier, reducing waste to landfill by diverting 25kg of waste per board. saveBOARD then collects the soft plastic construction waste from these homes, recycling it to create more boards that are used on their new houses, creating a circular economy. 

Products used: betterBRACE Rigid Air Barrier

Summary: KFC has announced its partnership with saveBOARD, as they pioneer the way for sustainability in the corporate world.


KFC South Penrith is the first quick-service restaurant to use saveBOARD’s 99% recycled product in several stores across Australia.

Products used: Exposed & Paperfaced internal lining

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