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saveBOARD betterJOINERY panels are a unique engineered composite panel made from 100% upcycled materials. The core of the product is made from shredded and compressed composite packaging, wood fibre and soft plastics.


betterJOINERY is an environmentally better alternative to other joinery and furniture grade products available on the market. Visually betterJOINERY is very similar to our Exposed internal lining, however the main difference is that each panel contains a higher plastic content (up to 40%) to seal any voids to provide a moisture resistant layer that is hard wearing and suitable for furniture applications. It is also exposed both sides allowing for door and panelling options.



  • Joinery grade board, suitable for CNC cutting.

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial, education joinery applications where sustainability, environmental materials are demanded.

  • Targeting furniture, desks, cubicles, changing rooms and other utility applications.

  • Suitable for flooring with an epoxy coating.


12mm to 24mm

LENGTH - All 1200mm wide (1220mm on special order)

2400mm to 3000mm


  • Similar to our Exposed internal lining, with a high plastic content to seal up any voids to provide a moisture resistant layer that is hard wearing.

  • Exposed both sides/faces allowing it to be used for panels and doors.

  • End of life recycling (by saveBOARD)

  • ZERO Water, Glues, Chemicals added. VOC's and Formaldehydes are < 5% of the Green Building Standard (0.005mg/m2/hr) 

saveBOARD is a US proven product with > 12 years in-service history. Our betterJOINERY panels have been tested on real projects around Australia to test its suitability. It has proven to perform really and applications include changing rooms, kitchen cabinets, pre-schools and other applications where Plywood, MDF or Chipboard would normally be used.

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